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Hello there! Welcome to my page! My name is Brandon Williams, and I am thrilled to bring you my debut book, The JBA League: A League of Our Own. A lot of time, effort, and passion went into this book, so I hope you love it!

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The JBA League: A League Of Our Own

In the fall of 2017, LaVar Ball sent shockwaves throughout the basketball world by removing his son LiAngelo Ball from UCLA after a shoplifting incident in China had him indefinitely suspended from the team. In an effort to buck the system, he sent LiAngelo, and younger brother LaMelo to Lithuania to play professional basketball creating a media firestorm.

With 16-year-old, LaMelo needing somewhere to play, LaVar created the JBA League to ensure his son, along with other aspiring basketball players could play without the pressure of performing in the classroom. 

While LaVar had the vision, it took a collective group of like-minded individuals to put together the league, despite many detractor who didn’t believe it would happen, and did so on a limited budget, and limited time. 

These individuals made history, and were the first to do so. Brandon Williams provides a first-person account of what it took to make this happen. 

The JBA League: A League Of Our Own

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